For whatever the reason is, there are many services blocking abroad connections on internet. Let’s override it using VPN.

So, how? We have great technology which is EC2 service on the AWS(Amazon Web Service). Basically you can have virtual server on your needs in few minutes. We can setup the EC2 server to work as VPN server. 🙂

Setup EC2 server on AWS.

  1. <- go and sign-up
  2. Then sign in to the console!
  3. Select Region where you want to host VPN server.
  4. Select AWS service as “EC2”
  5. Select Launch Instance
  6. Search for the OPENVPN in the market place and select OpenVPN Access Server
  7. Select Instance Type and Next
  8. Configure Instance Details !! VERY IMPORTANT!
    This is most important part in all steps. Find advanced detail and put the configuration as text.
  9. Add Storage -> 8GB is enough, Press Next
  10. Add tag, if you like to
  11. Configure Security Group
  12. Setup up your Keypare and Launch the EC2-openvpn!
  13. It is not done yet, you need to have static IP address for this instance and you can set it up using Elastic IP
  14. Well, then let’s try. Check the  “IPv4 Public IP” for your server and open it up on your browser.
    Connection is not secure since you do not have SSL credential there.
  15. Now you should know what to do.
    If you would like to set it up on your iphone or android, get the openvpn application first, then open the URL from your phone. Now you are ready to go.



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